Occasional quick but important notes from OGSA
July 3, 2018
2018 Quest for the Best Arias are Online
See and Hear All the Singers
Congratulations to all the singers who helped make this year's Quest for the Best an outstanding success. Thanks to the generosity of donors and attendees we awarded $10,600 in prizes. The top awards are shown on our website , but all singers received prize money.

The Fred Fox School of Music technical staff has made available videos of all the arias sung at Quest for the Best on March 24, 2018. Both graduate and undergraduate arias are available online. If you would like one or more audio recordings, please contact the webmaster .
2018 Quest for the Best Graduate Students
Left to right: Kristen Lucas, Brian McNiff, Jamey Wright, Mark Hockenberry, Chunghee Lee, Kaitlin Bertenshaw,  Shainy Manuel, Octavio Moreno.
2018 Quest for the Best Undergraduates
Left to right: Emma Petersen, Annalisse Sauceda Garcia, Stephanie Swift, Powel Brumm, Sara Lashbrook,  Frannie Barrows,  Athena Beebe, Bridget Marlowe, Brianna Barnhart, Emily Garcia.